Set financial and competitive targets that fit the value drivers of your industry, incorporating full enterprise value, the “nobler mission” of the company and the ambitions of its leadership team.

Full Potential Plan

Develop a focused, multiyear plan to achieve sustainable leadership. Incorporate an owner’s mindset, potential risks, adaptability to changing conditions, specific actions to manage complexity and a clear time frame.


Top Team, Culture and Talent

Get the right people into the right jobs doing the right things in high-performance teams within the right culture.

Operating Model

Create a blueprint for how the organization will deliver full potential, clearly defining the “unit of value creation” and conflict-resolution process.


Strategy into Action

Eighty-five percent of strategy failures happen because of an organization’s inability to implement and execute a plan. But great CEOs know how to keep the organization focused.

Stakeholder Alignment

Create the right messages and cadence of delivery to create advocacy with the board, customers, partners, investors, government agencies and other stakeholders.


Character and Style

Champion the voice of the customer and voice of the front line; role-model “inspirational leadership” and empower your teams; adapt your style to individuals, tasks and “defining moments.”


After setting up robust governance processes for the institution, develop a personal sustainability plan to achieve your own goals. Plan for your personal and professional legacy, and for what the organization and stakeholders will say about your accomplishments.