Paramonos PPID

Our focus on the customer is a hallmark of our approach to service design and operations and a key element of Paramonos identity, given our experience with the  customer loyalty. Our approach is uniquely grounded in behavioral science supplemented by a growing design capability. Our recommendations are developed with value, growth and repeatability in mind, such that our clients’ teams can deliver to customers again and again on a large scale.

Recognizing that each company’s service design and operations needs and goals are unique, our work begins with a careful review of our clients’ capabilities and current performance as well as their design objectives. With a clear point of departure, we collaborate with our clients to design, develop and deliver optimal service operations, focusing on key aspects such as deep, ethnographic understanding of customers and performers, designing end-to-end service episodes, service infrastructure, organizational accountability and key enablers for large-scale deployment. Our endeavor with service design is to make it easy for customers and performers to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing.

Our approach to the proprietary High Velocity Performance System—which supports our work and helps our clients achieve rapid, reliable and repeatable performance improvements—starts with clarity of purpose. It hinges on identifying and reinforcing what matters, not just what is easy to measure. To do that, we combine the best of three elements:

  • Lean principles to identify the sources of value and eliminate sources of waste.
  • Behavioral science techniques that make it easy and fulfilling for people to do the right things.
  • Applied digital technologies and advanced analytics, such as sensors, GPS tracking and real-time data processing, to implement process improvements and behavioral change on a large scale.