Become a Product Tester

Beta is a state of relentless improvement.
Where there is no finish line to what’s possible.
We dream. we wake up.
And improve upon yesterday.
Always pushing. Always pursuing better.
Failure is a test. And success is not an end.
We are constantly evolving.
There is no end to what we become.

It’s easy! Tell us about yourself in our product test profile. Once complete, you will be entered into the Paramonos  Tester Community – an elite group of people who are dedicated to helping improve our products.


your prototype

Our Paramonos Labs team members will notify you of each new prototype test. If you choose to take part in the test, your Paramonos  prototypes will be sent right to your doorstep.


some cool products

Once you have received your products, try them on and log into the Product Test system for further instruction on type of information we are looking for and how to submit your feedback.


with feedback

Let us know what you think. It’s important to be honest – this is how we make improvements. Our Analysts spend day and night reviewing your feedback then submit these insights to our Research and Development Team.


future products

Your input can have a major effect on future Paramonos products. We are proud of our products and, with your help, we will continue to evolve and enhance the quality, performance, and fit of every one of our products. We hope you’ll join us in our mission