Service Design & Operations

Service design and operations that are tailored to customer needs—balancing quality, cost and revenue objectives—jump-start a virtuous cycle of increased employee satisfaction, improved service quality and higher customer loyalty. We combine creative design capabilities with an analytical approach to understand employee behavior and customer experiences to positively impact the top and bottom line

 What we do

We work with organizations across all industries to help them deliver superior customer experiences through innovative service design and productivity improvements across both digital and physical environments. Our analytical strength forms the foundation of our work. Our design capabilities then allow clients to prototype and refine key design and operational requirements, helping to validate functionality and performance levels and enable scale deployment. We specialize in designing and developing efficient and effective customer service operations that support customer acquisition, retention, cost management and profitability.

We have successfully completed hundreds of service design and operations projects within and across every major service domain, including bank branches, retail stores, field service operations, service center networks, contact centers and self-service channels. Our efforts have helped clients solve a multitude of service-related problems, including: reducing unnecessary work volumes, improving first time rates, placing the right person with the right job, re-shaping capacity requirements, developing staffing models, radically redesigning for fast and flawless episodes, and more.

Our teams develop practical recommendations that deliver sustained results through our best-in-class analytical rigor, design capabilities and a broad set of tools, including experience and work design, supply and demand management, performance-based capacity management and our proprietary Paramons System The High Velocity Performance System unleashes the discretionary effort of people throughout an organization by combining lean principles, behavioral science methods and digital technologies that allow key indicators and customer feedback to quickly reach the frontline. This effort results in a triple play of improvements: engaged employees are more motivated to devise better ways to do their jobs and create better experiences for customers, which in turn increases customer advocacy, reduces waste and improves overall business economics.