What is Six sigma



By eliminating variation you eliminate waste and hence you improve quality, profitability, productivity, efficiency, and hence savings. 

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Six Sigma has developed as one of the most potent strategies to accelerate improvement in manufacturing, products, and services.  Leading-edge companies have embraced the strategy as a means for driving growth and productivity while focusing on customer requirements.  Growth is fueled through the elimination of Non-Value (NVA) added steps and improvement of “work processes” by reducing variation in Key Process Inputs (KVIs).  Expectation is that by focusing on customer Value-Added activities and eliminating waste, efficiency, quality, and productivity will improve and hence profitability.

The strategy is a two pronged synergetic approach to speed and quality.  The basic methodology is the application attributed to WE Deming’s quality model (DMAIC, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).  The focus is on customer requirements.  Initially developed for improving manufacturing processes it is especially appealing in the extended flexibility for application to products, and services.  Today companies continue to expand the use of the methodology into all phases of their operations including sales, marketing, and supply management.  It has gained favor with the FDA enabling pharmaceutical industries a means for validating processes while improving quality, productivity, and reliability.

At heart Six Sigma is a philosophy that embraces continuous improvement by focusing on quality and defect prevention in a supportive team environment.  It holds variation as its primary enemy to achieving high quality performance, with an emphasis on factual based decision, and a relentless focus on eliminating waste and reducing defects.   It uses the term “sigma” to designate deviation from an average of any process or product characteristic.

Companies create the Six Sigma culture through a commitment to its employees with the training, and methodologies to develop skills, and the necessary tools and recognition.  Through the empowerment of teams to create more value to its customers companies create the environment to energize highly motivated performance work teams (HPWT’s).  This is where we at Six Sigma Engineering excel.  We can provide your business with the expertise to implement this powerful methodology.

The results are dramatic savings, improved customer satisfaction, quality, productivity, and efficiency, products faster to market, a more skilled work force, and for everyone involved a better place to work.